Start Npc: Lori

End Npc: Lori

Quest Level: 9

Objective: Get rid of 8 Devil Walker Scarecrow 

Quest DescriptionEdit

Oh Gosh! well, Did you see that? The Devil Walker Scarecrow in top of the Windridge of Weedridge! On the other day, I happened to walk to Windridge... Oh my! Who can expect the Devil Walker Scarecrow there? I was surprised to see it for the first time. There are so many herbalists and hunters from Roxbury there. Who dared to do that wicked trick? I want you to get rid of the Devil Walker Scarecrow, standing at the very northern part of the Windridge of Weedridge. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Did you get rid of the scarecrow? I'm worried about other people running away seeing the scarecrow as a Devil Walker. Please, get rid of that by all means. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

You did get rid of the scarecrow? Thank you! I'm relieved. By the way, who on earth put it there? His behavior won't be overlooked.

Next Quest: Willy's Complaint

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