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Weedridge is a farmland located east of Roxbury. This is the area where all players start to fight monsters, catering to players between level 1 and 14.

Players can get to Weedridge by entering the gate found in Roxbury's East Wing.

Map of Weedridge


History Edit

Since the majority of Cardiff Island consists of tall and inaccessible mountain ranges, the amount of land that could be cultivated and worked for harvest was found to be scarce. Ultimately, only the areas that become known as Larksdowns and Weedridge proved suitable for farming. While this allowed the inhabitants of Roxbury to get by for a good while, trouble arose recently as a swarm of large bugs came from the forest thicket and started to trouble the peaceful community. With the farm and the island's sole mine lost to monsters, the people turn to new adventurers willing to lend them their aid.

Rumours also speak of gold hidden away in a mysterious den within the mountains, but the horrible devil walkers, a creature half-human and half badger, are said to reside there.

Nearby Areas Edit

Mobs Edit

Nom Niv Type
40px Weak Fungi 1 Commun
40px Fungi 2 Commun
40px Little Dodo 2 Commun
40px Devilwalker Scarecrow 3 Commun
40px Strong Fungi 3 Commun
40px Tiny Goldbug 3 Commun
40px Horned Goldbug 4 Commun
40px Rotten Cotton Mushroom 4 Commun
40px Weak Nanani 4 Commun
40px Cotton Mushroom 5 Commun
40px Nanani 5 Commun
40px Leader Nanani 5 Commun
40px Dodo 5 Commun
40px Strong Dodo 6 Commun
40px Perit 6 Commun
40px Ground Parrot 7 Commun
40px Hungry Wild Boar 7 Commun
40px WoodyWoody 7 Commun
40px Fierce Ground Parrot 8 Commun
40px Wild Boar 8 Commun
40px Tough Wild Boar 9 Commun
40px Devil Walker 10 Commun
40px Devil Walker Shooter 10 Commun
40px Fierce Devil Walker Shooter 11 Commun
40px Strong Devil Walker 12 Commun
40px Devil Walker Harpooner 13 Commun
40px Mushroom Leader 5 Boss
40px Stink 9 Boss
40px Trash 13 Boss
40px Grim Reaper 14 Boss

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