Varken Boss

Varken Boss is the boss of Varkens in Lava Plateau

under construction
Level: 42 HP: 52126
Location: Fire Plateau Attack Type: Melee


  • Biased Pants
  • Recipe: Red Dragon
  • Fragment of Fire
  • Unkown Fur
  • Old Bread
  • Hp Potion II
  • Hp Potion I
  • Powder of Lava
  • Recipce: Crisp deep-fried spider legs
  • Recipe: Hot Bat BBQ
  • Hard Nubuck Leather Pants
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • Azure Velvet Top
  • Viridescent Leather Jacket
  • Viridescent Leather Pants
  • Combine Stone of Patience
  • Bronze Buckler
  • Combine Stone of Courage
  • Mithril Powder

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