Tiger Claw
File:Tiger Claw Map.jpg
Tiger Claw is the boss of Tiger Spiders in Castle Field.

Basic InformationEdit

Tiger Claw has a poison skill that slows the target enemy.

When Tiger Claw uses her slow on a target, if its melee it may have some problems while fighting Claw, so it is recommended to use AoE's while slowed or use stuns so she cant use her skill

Level: 28 HP: 22279
Location: Castle Field Attack Type: Melee

He is tricky to fight alone since he tends to overuse his poison skill, as such it is very important to have antidotes while fighting him.



  • Consumables
    • Broken Magic Crystal
    • Combine stone of Wisdom
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
    • [Event]Combine help Item I
    • Recipes:
      • Hat bat BBQ
      • Crisp Deep-fried spider legs
      • Grade 3 Guilde Stone
  • Accessories
    • Old Onyx earrings
    • Tiger Claw's Ring
  • Weapons
    • Repier Noir
    • Oaken Snatcher
    • Steel Snatcher
    • Snatcher
    • Oaken Musket
    • Belted Pelte
    • White Steel Large Sword
    • Strong Steel Large Sword
    • Canine Tooth Dagger
    • Tooth Dagger
  • Armour
    • Studded Leather Jacket
    • Studded Leather Boots

Related QuestsEdit

  • Leader of the Spider Group (Party)

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