Supervisor Mole

Supervisor Mole is the boss of the moles in Cardiff Mines. He has as skill that confuses a player for 4 sec. He may be only level 16 but, because of his skill, he is one of the toughests bosses in cardiff island. He always has 2 miner moles along side him (this moles wont give you experience points nor any loots when killed) and they will respawn faster than regular miner moles while the boss is still alive.

under construction
Level: 16 HP: 16623
Location: Cardiff Mines Attack Type: Melee


  • Small Magic Crystal
  • Supervisor Mole's Ring
  • Grade 3 Iron
  • Recipe: Grade 3 Guild Stone
  • Waterdrop Ring
  • Combine Stone of Courage
  • Stinger
  • Prime Arquebus
  • Epee Gris
  • Vintage Shirt
  • Ripped Paper
  • Dark Short Sword
  • Black Short Sword
  • Combine Stone of Patience
  • [Event] Combine Help Item I
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • Dusky Short Sword
  • Prime Snaphance
  • Mole Treasure Box Key
  • Grand Metal-decorated Bronze Large Sword

Related QuestsEdit

  • One-Eyed Mole (Party)

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