Stink is the boss of the boar's. His quest is one that only Noble's recieve. 

under construction
Level: 9 HP: 4613
Location: Weedridge Attack Type: Melee


  • Meat Pick
  • Wild Boar Meat
  • Sharp Dog Tooth
  • Steel Popgun
  • Recipe: Grade 4 Guild Stone
  • Improved Knotted Grand Training Sword
  • Vintage Pants
  • Strapped Grand Training Sword
  • Recipe: Char Grilled Wild Boar
  • Leather-Decorated Round Shield
  • Stink's ring
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • Porma
  • Knotted Leather Wooden Large Sword
  • Steel Battle Rifle
  • Popgun
  • Rough schoch stone
  • Chain-decorated Round Shield
  • Floret Noir
  • Motley Vest
  • Seahorse Stone Pieces
  • Changed Hoof
  • Combine Stone of Patience 
  • Rare Chained Grand Training Sword
  • Vintage Shoes
  • Blue Sign
  • Birtus 
  • Combine Help Item I
  • Prime Battle Rifle
  • Red Leather Top
  • Portuna
  • Chain-Decorated Wooden Large Sword
  • Red Leather Pants
  • Great Pick
  • Prime Popgun
  • Skwere
  • Copper Ore
  • Oaken Popgun
  • Knotted Wooden Large Sword
  • Floret Chene
  • Motley Shoes
  • Red Leather

Quest DropsEdit

  • Stink's Canine

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Emblem of the Boar Leader (Party)

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