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Steel Guard

Steel Guard is the boss of Stone Guards in Gloshire.


Fighting steel gaurd is not too hard as it is lengthy. He has no skills, but has 90% magic resistance and 50% physical resistsance. Therefore, regardless of what level you are, using physical attacks would be best.

The recommended party size is 3 people with one perferabbly a healer. While one person tanks the boss, another could get rid of surrounding mobs while the healer heals anywone who needs it.

A fight with Steel Guard on average is 8 minutes long. 

under construction
Level: 39 HP: 142289
Location: Gloshire Attack Type: Melee


  • Cyclone Leather Boots
  • Cyclone Ocean Pants and Skirt
  • Apennine Pants
  • Lir Pants and Skirt
  • Raider Pants
  • Steel Cuisses
  • Sapphire Pants
  • Palomino Pants and Skirt
  • Ripped Handkerchief
  • HP Potion I
  • Recipe: Werwolf Thigh Roast
  • Old Bread
  • Recipe: Ghoulach Steak
  • Recipe: Grade 2 Guild Stone
  • Powder of Magic Power
  • Morgana Pants
  • Apennine Boots
  • MP Potion I

Related QuestsEdit

  • Steel Armor Suit (Party)

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