Skeleton King

Skeleton King is the boss of Skeletons in Gloshire. While he himself is not a problem to fight, he has little minions that create a big difficulty when fighting him.

To defeat Skeleton King you must target your AoE's to the minions because each of the Archers hit has a poison and the Soldiers makes you bleed, both DoT combined makes your hp decrease rapidly making Skeleton King almost imposible to kill without having to take out his minions

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Level: 42 HP: 52064
Location: Gloshire Attack Type: Melee


  • Raider Top
  • Powder of Magic Power
  • Steel Cuirass
  • Morgana Boots
  • Apennine Jacket
  • Sapphire Gloves
  • Lir Gloves
  • Morgana Gloves
  • Palomino Gloves
  • Cyclone Jacket
  • Pixy Pistol
  • Old Bread
  • Recipe: Werwolf Thigh Roast
  • Recipe: Grade 2 Guild Stone
  • Blue Dice Earrings
  • HP Potion II
  • Unkown Fur
  • Checkered Cloth
  • Lir Ankle Boots
  • Combine Help Item I
  • Recipe: Ghoulach Steak
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • Magic Crystal
  • Old String Necklace
  • Chaser

Related QuestsEdit

  • Huge Skeleton (Party)

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