Serbetus is a water dragon that has been asleep for thousands of years. His guardian was Aquarrior.

under construction
Level: 70 HP: 173558
Location: Rainbow Highlands Attack Type: Melee


  • Serbetus' Dragon Heart Necklace
  • Serbetus' Scale Ring
  • Serbetus' Sun Earring
  • Powder f Magic Power
  • Recipe: Red Dragon
  • Bead of Spirit
  • Recipe: Zinoge Imitation
  • Recipe: Agi-Rang-i
  • Recipe: Soul of the World
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract II
  • Recipe: Baku's Shield
  • Random Combine Stone
  • Recipe: Queen of Hate
  • Recipe: Stone of Time
  • Liquid MP Power Up Medicine I
  • 1 Bag Slot

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