Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Mark

Quest Level: 7

Objective: Deliver the report and the map of the Sea of Bone to Mark

Quest DescriptionEdit

Ah. I'm really busy, busy. I just made a report of the Sea of Bone and a map from those map pieces that you brought. But I don't have time to deliver this to uncle Mark. I am sorry, would you deliver this map to uncle Mark? Ah! Tell me if you hear the reason why he needs that map. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Ah. I'm really busy, busy. By the way, sister Nadine on Ron is alright? 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Where do you use a map of the Sea of Bone? Hahaha, Even though you don't know, there are good things in the world. Here is reward for you.

Previous Quest: Robbery Map of the Sea of Bone (1)

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