Nelia is the first vampire boss in Avery. She can be found in the Kitchen on the 3rd floor and has an ice skill that reduces movement speed.

under construction
Level: 55 HP: 66456
Location: The 3rd Ground of Avery Big Mansion Attack Type: Spell


  • Misc.
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
    • Powder of Magic Power
    • Fragment of Magic Power
  • Consumables
    • HP Potion I
    • HP Potion II
  • Accessories
    • Nelia's Earrings
    • Nelia's Necklace
  • Weapons
    • Flores
    • Great Sword
    • Hunting Knife
    • Oaken Musketoon
    • Silairon
    • Viking Sword
  • Armour
    • Cerridwen Gloves
    • Damask Gloves
    • Kavkaz Pants
    • Taliessin Gloves
    • Turquoise Gloves
    • Typhoon Marine Pants and Gaiters

Related QuestsEdit

  • Frightening Past

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