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Weak Fungi Level: 1 Location: Weedridge Hp: 120

Start NPC: Claris

End NPC: Claris

Quest Level: 1

Objective: Kill 5 Weak Fungi

Mercanry Support is a level 1 quest given by Claris only to mercenary's.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Before starting the main job. I'll ask you a favor. These days villagers find the fierce kind of mushrooms, Weak Fungi, around here picking some up. They are not so strong but their number is great. I heard that villagers suffer from their behavior. this is an easy job, right? Please catch Weak Fungi in Weedridge around the entrance of this village.

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Not done yet? A Mercenary like you, can't do this easy job?

Complete Quest Dialogue:Edit

Great, good job. We've been offered the next request. Let's go on.

Next Quest: Helping Explorer

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