Mandril is the ranged boss for Sick Treants. he does not have any specific skill.

Mandril always has 2 frogys by his side

under construction
Level: 19 HP: 9818
Location: Larksdown Attack Type: Spell


  • Mandril's Ring
  • Black Pelte
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • Red Sandal-wood Arquebus
  • Polluted Book Cover
  • Grade 3 Timber
  • Small Magic Crystal
  • Recipe: Grade 4 Guild Stone
  • Dark Pelte
  • Combine Stone of Wisdom
  • Grand Leather-decorated Bronze Large Sword
  • Combine Stone of Courage
  • Plain Flower
  • Prime Snaphance
  • Wooden Log
  • Frost Pants
  • Oaken Snaphance
  • Blue Short Sword
  • Epee Gris
  • Steel Arquebus
  • Sting
  • Rare Jewel-decorated Bronze Large Sword
  • Refined Stone
  • Epee Bleu
  • Grand Metal-decorated Bronze Large Sword

Quest DropsEdit

  • Mandril's Horn

Related QuestsEdit

  • Almighty Herb (Herb)

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