Lord Ghoul

Lord Ghoul is the boss of the Ghouls in Gloshire

Lord Ghoul can be the most difficult boss from Gloshire, as he has an AoE skill that poisons nearby enemies dealing lots of damage to the affected targets.

Buying and using an Antidote will make the boss much easier to kill as his posion length may be short but the damage is huge.

under construction
Level: 45 HP: 46289
Location:Gloshire Attack Type: Ranged


  • Powder of Magic Power
  • Sapphire Shoes
  • Steel Greave Boots
  • Apennine Gloves
  • Lir Jacket
  • Sapphire Jacket
  • Palomino Shoes
  • Morgana Jacket
  • Raider Gloves
  • Raider Shoes
  • Palomino Jacket
  • Cyclone Gloves
  • Steel Gauntlets
  • HP Potion II
  • Unknown Fur
  • Recipe: Ghoulach Steak
  • Old Bread
  • MP Potion I
  • Spirit Skill - Recovery IV
  • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
  • HP Potion I
  • MP Potion II
  • Combine Stone of PAtience
  • Small Magic Crystal
  • [Event]Combine Help Item I
  • Werwolf Thigh Roast
  • Combine Stone of Wisdom 
  • Combine Stone of Courage

Related QuestsEdit

  • Huge Ghoul (Party)

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