Lanoir is the boss of foxes on Fox Den and he is also the final boss of Cardiff.

He's got a skill that he jumps and slows the movement speed of nearby enemies.

Lanoir is located at Coordinates F1

under construction
Level: 24 HP: 48469
Location: Fox Den Attack Type: Melee


  • Misc
    • A Pocket Watch for contract II
    • Combine help Item I
    • [Event]Combine help Item II
    • Random combine stone
    • Spirit skill - Sacrifice
    • Recipes:
      • Grade 3 Guild Stone
      • Grade 4 Guilde Stone
  • Accessories
    • Forgotten Shingle Necklace
    • Lanoir's Bloodcolor Ring
    • Lanoir's Claw Necklace
    • Lanoir's Dog Tooth Earring
    • Old Onyx Earrings
    • Polaris Ring
  • Weapons
    • Belted Pelte
    • Blade of Moon
    • Boarhead Strike
    • Celtic Sword
    • Dual Strike
    • Edge of Moon
    • Lanoir's Eye
    • Musket
    • Rapier
    • Rapier of Degraded noble
    • Red Fox Canine
    • Rictum
    • Skull Dagger
    • Snatcher
    • Soul of Fox
    • Strong Steel Large Sword
  • Armour
    • Colored Leather Gloves
    • Hard Leather Gloves
    • Hard Leather Jacket
    • Hard Leather Pants and Skirt
    • Hard Leather Shoes
    • Studded Leather Boots
    • Studded Leather Gloves
    • Studded Leather Jacket
    • Studded Leather Pants and Skirt
    • Velvet Buckle Shoes
    • Velvet Gloves
    • Velvet Pants and Skirt
    • Velvet Top
    • Waterproof Pants
    • Waterproof Shoes
    • Waterproof Vest

Quest DropsEdit

  • Lanoir's tail

Related QuestsEdit

  • Root of the Dark Power (1)

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