Kitty is the merchant who sells the armor on Cardiff island.


Kitty offers very little quests in florensia, she is more of an end quest npc.

Land QuestsEdit

What you can buy from herEdit

lvl 5 merc shirts

lvl 5 merc pants

lvl 5 merc shoes

lvl 5 merc gloves

lvl 5 explorer shirts

lvl 5 explorer pants

lvl 5 explorer gloves

lvl 5 explorer shoes

lvl 5 saint pants

lvl 5 saint shirts

lvl 5 saint shoes

lvl 5 saint gloves

lvl 5 noble gloves

lvl 5 noble pants

lvl 5 noble shirts

lvl 5 noble shoes

lvl 13 merc shirts

lvl 13 merc pants

lvl 13 merc shoes

lvl 13 merc gloves

lvl 13 explorer gloves

lvl 13 explorer shoes

lvl 13 explorer shirts

lvl 13 explorer pants

lvl 13 saint pants

lvl 13 saint shirts

lvl 13 saint shoes

lvl 13 saint gloves

lvl 13 noble gloves

lvl 13 noble pants

lvl 13 noble shoes

lvl 13 noble shirts

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