There are 4 different job you can learn :

Alchemist can craft :

  • better HP/MP potion
  • potions with bonus to stat or speed for a limited time
  • random boxes from some looted items
  • better upgrade stone

Armoursmith can craft :

  • better armours
  • various materials used by armoursmith

Jeweller can craft :

  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • rings
  • various jewel extractor used by jeweller

Weaponsmith can craft :

  • better weapons
  • various materials used by alchemists and weaponsmith

A character can learn one job. You can abandoned a job, but you will lose all the experience you earned.
Each job can be upgraded at a certain amount of job experience, allowing you to be able to level up your rank further.

Experience rank
0->50 exp 51->125 exp 125->? exp
Armoursmith  ?  ?  ?
Alchemist  ?  ?  ?
Jeweller  ?  ?  ?
Weaponsmith  ?  ?  ?

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