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The Item Upgrade System is used for strengthening weapons and armor. This can be done at any blacksmith in any town, and has some requirements. In order to upgrade an item, you will need;

  • Between 1 and 5 Upgrade Crystals of the corresponding color.
  • A corresponding Upgrade Stone.
  • Any piece of equipment that isn't an accessory or a cash shop item.
Item Upgrade Window

Item Upgrade Window. A: Upgrade Stone, B: Upgrade Crystal, C: Mithril Powder, D: Ancient Slate Piece, E: Equipment

The RisksEdit

Upgrading an item will not always result in a success. Depending on how much you've already upgraded an item, the chances of failure increase. There are cash shop items however that allow you to double your success rate or to prevent yourself from loosing an item via a failed upgrade. The results of upgrading are as follow.

  1. Failed upgrade. Upgrade Stone, Upgrade Crystals and Assist Powder are lost. Item remains normal or at current upgrade level.
  2. Initialization. Items are lost and upgraded item is reverted to original state. Ex. An item that was at upgrade level 2 will revert to 0. This can be prevented using a Slate Piece of Ancient.
  3. Complete Failure. The worst possible outcome from a failed upgrade. Everything will be lost including the equipment. Can be prevented by using a Slate Piece of Ancient. (Note: This will only occur if you attempt to upgrade to +4 or higher.)
  4. Success. Items will be consumed and the equipment will be upgraded. At upgrade level 4+ the items begin to glow.

Upgrade Glows
Upgraded Sword 4

Upgraded Sword 4

Upgraded Sword 6

Upgraded Sword 6

Upgraded Sword 8

Upgraded Sword 8

Upgraded Sword 10

Upgraded Sword 10

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