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Imp Leader

Imp Leader is the boss of the Volcano imp's in Lava Plateau

Its located at A4 (approx)

under construction
Level: 49 HP: 62436
Location: Lava Plateau Attack Type: Melee


  • Misc.
    • Unknown Fur
    • Checkered Cloth
    • Ripped Handkerchief
  • Consumables
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
    • Burning Heart
    • Recipes:
      • Recipe: Baku's Sword
      • Recipe: Grade 3 Guild Stone
    • Powder of Magic Power
    • Fragment of Fire
    • Powder of Lava
    • HP Potion I
    • HP Potion II
    • MP Potion I
    • MP Potion II
  • Weapons
    •  Pixy Pistol
    • Hackbut
    • Baku's Shield
    • Buckler
    • Falchion
    • Sag-Rang-i
    • Spartanian
  • Armour
    • Azure Velvet Top
    • Azure Velvet Pants
    • Azure Velvet Gloves
    • Azure Velvet Shoes
    • Biased Vest
    • Biased Pants
    • Biased Gloves
    • Biased Shoes
    • Hard Nubuck Leather Top
    • Hard Nubuck Leather Pants
    • Hard Nubuck Leather Gloves
    • Hard Nubuck Leather Boots

Quest DropsEdit

  • Old Magic Book

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Man Who Handles Different Magic

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