Hugel is one of the three Reindeer bosses in Droes Cave of Abyss.


He is not difficult to fight as his attacks do not hit for very hard but he does have 2 skills he uses often. One is an aoe roar that adds the debuff of -200% moving speed and the other is an aoe confuse that confuses everyone for 12 seconds. 

The problem is that if he confuses the tank, after 8 seconds have passed he will run away.

A way to counter this would be to deliver stuns to Hugel until the tank is not confused any longer.

under construction
Level: 75 HP: 376960
Location: Droes Cave of Abyss Attack Type: Melee


  • Consumables
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract II
    • Hugel's Antler
    • Hugel's Back Tooth
    • Hugel's Skin
    • Ironwood
    • Recipes:
      • Forging Instruction: Piece of Oblivion
      • Forging Instruction: Swamp of Oblivion
      • Forging Instruction: Egg of Oblivion
      • Forging Instruction: Black Blunderbuss of Oblivion
    • Gift of Oblivion (Random Box)
    • Small Life-giving Potion
  • Weapons
    • Prime Ashbringer
    • Targe
    • Lyncher
    • Korkai Claymore
    • Fairy Queen Dagger
  • Armour
    • Musketeer Pants-P

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