The Hoomanil Ocean is the vast ocean on which the numerous islands that make up the world of Florensia are located, as well as the setting where everything related to the game's sea aspects takes place. While an optional area that players can partake in as much (or as less) as they wish, everyone will end up traversing the waters of the Hoominal Ocean sooner or later: whether it is for traveling between the islands, hunting the pirates or sea-monsters infesting the waters, or exploring the various coves and hidden locations that the people on the land have long forgotten about.

Traversing the Ocean Edit

NGINX asset show png 50952

Players can freely sail the map in all directions with their ship. The levels of the monsters encountered along the way will vary, with the higher-level islands being surrounded by tougher pirate ships and creatures. Straying too far from the main sea routes may also lead to the player suddenly finding themselves surrounded by very high-level creatures. Players can set foot on land by clicking the anchor icon that will appear when their ship is close enough to a port (ports are indicated by small anchor icons on the world map).

A number of supply ships are shattered across the map which provide a sea return point, repair services, and will sell or buy supplies.

The entirety of the Hoomanil Ocean is also an open-world PvP map: players are free to attack the ships of others.

History Edit

The upheaval that shattered the world was so massive that even the ocean currents changed: no ship can sail beyond the borders of the Hoomanil Ocean, and the rest of the world outside the displayed empire of Florensia has long since vanished from the peoples' memories. The vast ocean yet inherits more fragments of the former landmass that need to be discovered. The dark magic that was the source of the destruction infested the ocean and perished the balance of nature and living. The humans still withstand their doom, but the peace is fragile...

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