Hexion Golem is a Golem Boss who spawns in the middle of a golem field. While he looks daunting at first, he is easily killed by all classes simply by dragging him somewhere that he won't attract the attention of other mobs from.

under construction
Level: 70 HP: 101470
Location: Droes Under Valley Attack Type: Melee


  • Misc.
    • Stone Piece
    • Piece of Iron
    • Old Bag
  • Consumables
    • [Event]Combine Help Item I
    • Combine Stone of Wisdom
    • Eye of Hexion
    • Recipes
      • Recipe: Akinas Blunderbuss
      • Recipe: Akinas Winchester
      • Recipe: Nutrition Soups
      • Recipe: Coquilles
      • Recipe: Dehydrated Food
      • Recipe: Takoyaki
      • Recipe: Fish Stick
      • Recipe: Porcupine Soup
      • Recipe: Charcoal Octopu
      • Recipe: Callaloo
      • Recipe: Striped Soup
    • Gift of Olivion (Random Box)
    • Powder of Magic Power
    • Powder of Oblivion
    • Grade 3 Upgrade Stone
    • Grade 2 Upgrade Stone
    • Refined Stone
    • Grade 1 Iron
    • Middle-grade Ointment
  • Weapons
    •  Aurm
    • Derringer Crusher
    • Prime Raider
    • Targe
    • Hispania
    • Bloody Sword
    • Golyat
    • Milkway Dagger
  • Armour
    • Musketeer Uniform Top-P
    • Musketeer Pants-P
    • Musketeer Shoes-P

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