Empress is the boss of hornets in Castle Field

Empress isn't a though boss but has got a poison as all of the Queen Hornet's got.

under construction
Level: 30 HP: 16419
Location: Castle Field Attack Type: Spell


  • Consumables
    • Combine Help Item I
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
    • Combine Stone of Courage
    • Recipes:
      • Recipe: Hot Bat BBQ
      • Recipe: Crisp deep-fried spider legs
      • Recipe: Grade 3 Guild Stone
  • Weapons
    • Camela
    • Grand Chablanc
    • Chablanc
    • Chanoir
    • Steel Derringer
    • Oaken Derringer
    • Oaken Musket
    • Steel Musket
    • Magnum Shield
    • Grazioso Sword
    • Destroyer Sword
    • Terror Sword
    • Glass Dagger
    • Skull Dagger
    • Malachite Dagger
    • Obsidian Dagger
  • Armour
    • Velvet Pants and Skirt
    • Waterproof Vest
    • Waterproof Shoes
    • Studded Leather Pants and Skirt
    • Hard Leather Jacket
    • Hard Leather Pants and Skirt
  • Accessories
    • Empress' Necklace
    • Common Onyx Earrings

Quest DropsEdit

  • Majung Stone of the Empress

Related QuestsEdit

  • Queen of Queens (Party)

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