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Draug Brenin
Brenin is the boss of the Draugs and is also the final boss of Tulach Dungeon.

Brenin is a tough boss as she's got 2 skills, one that poisons your for around 2 minutes, and the second one that deals around 2-4k of damage to the target enemy.

Brenin is located at coordinates 7A on the 2nd Basement of Tulach Dungeon.

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Level: 38 HP: 26240
Location: The 2nd Basement of Tulach Dungeon Attack Type: Melee


  • Black Twohand Sword
  • Red Crystal
  • Rapid Fire
  • Springfield Musket
  • Black Moon Sword
  • Coup Droit
  • Powder of Magic power
  • Draug Brenin's Snake Shape Ring
  • Wooden Snake
  • Necklace of Rest
  • Sacrifice Dagger
  • Draug Brenin's Snake Shape Earring
  • Turbo Ring
  • Draug Brenin's Snake Shape Necklace
  • Tear of Mermaid Earrings
  • Draug Brenin's Sign
  • Random combine stone
  • Old String

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