Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Claris

Quest Level: 10

Objective: Kill 10 Devil Walker Shooter

Devil's Men is a level 10 quest given by Claris only to mercenary's

Quest DescriptionEdit

The lord legally requested help from the mercenary association. The task is to eliminate the devil's offspring, Devil Walker, living in Cardiff island. This long period of battle should be finished this time with a perfect mop up. Well, at first, let's eliminate Devil Walker Shooters. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Now, this is a battle against the devil's offspring. Show your skill as you like.  

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Good job. The lord asked me to give you this reward instead. Here it is. He'll continue to request. I want you to come here again.

Next Quest: Battle Against the Devil

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