Brid is one of the three Reindeer bosses in Droes Cave of Abyss.

Of the three deer, he is the easiest one to solo as he does not have an attack that can stun and he is melee. This does not mean that he is an easy kill. He has two skills, one is an aoe poison, so antidotes are handy and the other skill is a debuff that cuts base hp, defence, and mp by 50%.

Level: 75 HP: 376960
Location: Droes Cave of Abyss Attack Type: Melee


  • Misc.
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract II
    • Gift of Oblivion (Random Box)
    • Brid's Antler
    • Brid's Skin
    • Ironwood
  • Consumables
    • Recipes
    • Forging Instruction: Egg of Oblivion
    • Forging Instruction: Melody of Oblivion
    • Forging Instruction: Flash of Oblivion
    • Forging Instruction: Swamp of Oblivion
    • Forging Instruction: Piece of Oblivion
    • Forging Instruction: Oblivion of Time
    • Forging Instruction: Dance of Oblivion
    • Small Restoration Potion
    • HP Potion III
    • MP Potion III
  • Weapons
    • Martius
    • Prime Ashbringer
    • Targe
    • Lyncher
    • Korkai Claymore
    • Fairy Queen Dagger
  • Armour
    • Mistletoe Gaiter Boots

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