Boarhead Elite

Boarhead Elite is a boss in Fox Den. There are actually two of him, one in Garbage Dump and the other in Fox Cage. The one in Fox Cage is usually easier to solo as there are less mobs there.

Level: 23 HP: 12991
Location: Fox Den Attack Type: Melee


  • Misc.
    • A Pocket Watch for Contract I
    • Combine stone of Patience
    • Combine stone of Courage
    • Combine stone of Wisdom
    • Combine help Item I
    • Small Magic Crystal
    • Broken Magic Crystal
    • Grade 9 Upgrade Stone
    • Recipes:
      • Grade 4 Guild Stone
      • Grade 3 Guild Stone
  • Accessories
    • Boarhead Elite's Earring
    • Polaris Ring
  • Weapons
    • Dentis
    • Rictum
    • Morales
    • Rapier Gris
    • Rapier
    • Prime Snatcher
    • Snatcher
    • Oaken Musket
    • Steel Musket
    • Musket
    • Prime Pelte
    • Irish Sword
    • celtic Sword
    • Stringed Steel Large Sword
  • Armour
    • Frost Tanktop
    • Satin Top
    • Satin Pants
    • Satin Gloves
    • Satin Shoes
    • ColoRed Skin Vest
    • Sea Leather Top

Related QuestsEdit

  • Hunting Boarhead (Party)

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