Blue Gangster Research Leader

Blue Gangster Research Leader is the boss of blue gangsters in Gloshire.

He isnt a tough boss but has a skill that slows the target enemy

Level: 49 HP: 29032
Location: Gloshire Attack Type: Ranged


  • Misc.
    • Combine Stone of Patience 
    • Combine Stone of Wisdom
    • Combine Stone of Courage
    • Combine Help Item I
    • Powder of Magic Power
    • Broken Magic Crystal
    • Small Magic Crystal
    • HP Potion I
    • HP Potion II
    • MP Potion II
    • MP Potion I
    • Recipes:
      • Ghoulach Steak
      • Werwolf Thigh Roast
  • Accessories
    • Strong Gangster Leader's Necklace
    • Blue Dice Earrings
  • Weapons
    • Liz de Flot
    • Losa de Flot 
    • Pixy Pistol
  • Armour
    • Rumbia Boots
    • Blang Boots
    • Emerald Shoes
    • Cargo Shoes
    • Phnomphen Gloves
    • Nakry Gloves
    • Fir Tree Jacket
    • Romantic Top Suit
    • Scirocco Jacket
    • Scirocco Pants and Girded Skirt
    • Dhole Vest

Quest DropsEdit

  • Report

Related QuestsEdit

  • Raid (Party)

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