Start Npc: Tricia

End Npc: Lori

Quest Level: 16

Objective:  Deliver the ribbon to Lori

Quest DescriptionEdit

Oh my, Banguli? The bad character kitten? She might be making trouble again..... Before, she looked like feeling oppressed in the neck, bit her ribbon, threw it away and disappeared. Where did she go? Did she go to Larksdowns to catch lizards? Give this ribbon to Lori. If Lori ties Banguli up with a necklace, she might not make trouble. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

I hope Lori finds out about Banguli's real character…. She puts on an innocent air in front of Lori. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Wah! This necklace! What should I do... .. Banguli…………..

Next Quest: Find Banguli!

Previous Quest: Where's the Cat?

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